Peter L. Swan AM

Scientia Professor and ARC Australian Professorial Fellow

BEc (Hons) ANU, PhD Monash, AM, FASSA


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Research Interests

  • Corporate governance and executive compensation
  • Market microstructure
  • Asset Pricing


Economics of Market Structure/Industrial Organisation | Protection/Macroeconomic Issues |

Industry Studies/Regulation/Law and Economics | Taxation/Inflation Accounting |

Labour Market Regulation/Single Motherhood | Environmental Economics/Property Rights |

Corporate Finance/Financial Economics/Banking/Financial Intermediation |

Benchmarking/Performance Evaluation | Working Papers

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Economics of Market Structure/Industrial Organisation

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Protection/Macroeconomic Issues

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Industry Studies/Regulation/Law and Economics

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Environmental Economics/Property Rights

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Benchmarking/Performance Evaluation

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Working Papers

  1. Swan, Peter L., 2002a. "Can 'illiquidity' explain the equity premium puzzle?: The value of endogenous market trading." Working Paper, School of Banking and Finance, Faculty of Commerce, UNSW, Sydney. Under consideration by The American Economic Review.
  2. Swan, Peter L., 2002b, "Will the true marginal investor please stand up?: Asset prices with immutable security trading by investors." Working Paper, School of Banking and Finance, Faculty of Commerce, UNSW, Sydney. Under consideration by The Journal of Financial Economics.
  3. Garvey, Gerald T. and Peter L. Swan, 2002, "What Can Market Microstructure Contribute to Explaining Executive Incentive Pay?: Liquidity and the Use of Stock-Based Compensation." Working Paper, School of Banking and Finance, Faculty of Commerce, UNSW, Sydney. Under review by The Journal of Political Economy.
  4. Oetomo, Teddy and Peter L. Swan, 2002, "Can managerial superiority explain high executive pay in large firms?: Evidence supportive of Rosen's 'cloning' hypothesis." Working Paper, School of Banking and Finance, Faculty of Commerce, UNSW, Sydney. Under review by The Journal of Political Economy.

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